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ThinkFun - Geologic

SKU: TN76497
World-Changing Logic Puzzle
Creative Child Magazine PUZZLE OF THE YEAR AWARD, Kid’s Logic Puzzles categoryCreate your own world with GeoLogic! Players begin with a 30-sided planet Core and 14 different biome Tiles. Each of the 60 Challenge Cards shows a different starting position for some of the biome Tiles, and players must figure out how to position the remaining Tiles in order to complete the planet’s surface. Explore all 60 world-building challenges, or get creative and design your own planets with GeoLogic!
Type: Card Games Construction Sets Junior Logic Games Logic Games New Games
Skill: Logic and Problem Solving Visual Perception and Reasoning
Age: 8+
Players: 1 or more player
  • 1 Planet Core
  • 3 Tundra Tiles
  • 3 Forest Tiles
  • 3 Mountain Tiles
  • 3 Desert Tiles
  • 2 Ocean Tiles
  • 60 Challenge Cards
  • Instruction Booklet