Magformers is developed in South Korea but is sold worldwide in more than 60 countries! Magformers is the original magnetic construction toy of its kind, particularly the innovation where the magnets rotate so that every piece stick to every other piece. There is a research and development team in head office that is dedicated to innovating new pieces, STEM parts and accessories, which all enhance a child’s learning and development. In 2016 alone, 24 new sets were introduced to the Australian market. This is why Magformers is now considered the leading brand in magnetic construction toys. Magformers has been widely reviewed and has won (and continues to win) many international awards, including the 2016 Australian Educational Product of the Year Award. Magformers prides itself on the quality of its products – using strong neodymium earth magnets, safely encapsulated in BPA-free, ABS plastic that is specially made for Magformers, in many vibrant and attractive colours!

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