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Smart Games: Sleeping Beauty - Dreampiece Educational Store
Smart Games: Sleeping Beauty - Dreampiece Educational Store
Smart Games: Sleeping Beauty - Dreampiece Educational Store
Smart Games: Sleeping Beauty - Dreampiece Educational Store

Smart Games: Sleeping Beauty

SKU: SG025

Beat the maze, break the spell!

Once upon a time…

Discover the magic of the classic fairy tale with this original puzzle game. Can you help the knight reach Sleeping Beauty’s castle? Or maybe you’d prefer to help Sleeping Beauty escape on her own? Try to find the path from the entrance of the maze to the castle…without getting lost!

Perhaps you would prefer to play as the dragon? Then the object of the game becomes the opposite! Place the dragon in the maze so that he blocks all paths to the castle, preventing and the knight and Sleeping Beauty from reaching each other.

Sleeping Beauty includes 60 challenges (30 with the dragon and 30 without). It also features a family friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story.

  • 60 challenge cards
  • ages 3 and up
  • Contents: Castle, knight, sleeping beauty, dragon, game board with 4 square-shaped mazes, picture book, booklet with 60 challenges & solutions
  • Awards: Speelgoed Van Het Jaar 2018

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The product quality is very good, my three years old daughter likes the design of the game, she love to move the little prince around in the maze. She also liked to read the story of the game.

Fantastic and stimulating

My son loves it. Good service. Receive the toy on time.

Ursula Rowe

A little confusion re online form for pick up rather than delivery otherwise all good.

Great product and prompt delivery!

As a teacher and early intervention therapist I’m always looking for great games that teach practical skills to my students. This product is great for teaching spatial awareness skills and makes it possible for kids to explore space in the physical world before they are asked to use mental strategies. It’s perfect how the challenges get progressively harder. Great theme and appealing colourful tactile pieces. Thumbs up!

Fast delivery too! Thank you!

Cristina Cobaleda
The best maze game of its kind!.

This is a very VERY long awaited game!.
It fills a void that nobody, for some reason, did ever bother to fill before.
As the mother of a child with special needs, and an expert on the field of educational equipment, I'm SO very grateful this game was created .
Many special need kids, but even many neurotypical kids, find it extremely difficult to understand mazes in a 2D format (example: simply printed on paper...).Very often their visual perception its compromise or under developed, and the concept of walls and boundaries seems impossible to gasp unless fist understood in a 3D way. The mere fact that now they will be able to trace their finger through the maze, and PHYSICALLY understand its boundaries, it's nothing less than a godsend!.
I intend to tell ALL the schools and clinics that I know!.

Thank you Smart Games!, for always bringing relentless joy with everything you create.