About us

Established in year 2017, we are Australian parents who enjoy quality time playing with kids and have spent a lot of time looking for quality & safe toys for our kids. Thus the selection of our products is based on the reliability, quality & safeness for kids to play and we do greatly relying these toys to aid with their development & learning with lots of fun & laughter.

And today, we hope to become your kids learning & fun partner and make their learning process full of laughter, fun and eventually become part of their sweet childhood memories when they grow up later. 

We aim to carry only the quality and safe products for our next generations. And at the same time, we endeavour to source the sustainability & environment friendly products for a better tomorrow. Please let us know if you have any suggestion(s) to help us to improve or making your shopping experience better. We hope we will continue to grow bigger and source more quality products to cater all your children's educational needs .

Thank you and have a wonderful shopping time with us. Enjoy!