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ThinkFun - Color Cube Sudoku - Dreampiece Educational Store

ThinkFun - Color Cube Sudoku

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SKU: TN76342
Flip & rearrange all 9 Colour Cubes on the 3 x 3 tray until each colour appears once in every row and column. It will take more than a couple flips of a cube to master this brilliant Sudoku puzzle. Once you’ve conquered the traditional Sudoku pattern, give your brain a real workout with our fun Bonus Challenges!



  • 9 Color Cubes
  • 1 Display Board
  • Instructions

Suggested Ages: 8 + years old

Awards: Parent's Choice Gold Award, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids finalist, Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys, Purdue University Engineering Gift guide.

 No of player: 1 player