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SmartMax - Power Vehicles Mix - Dreampiece Educational Store SALE

SmartMax - Power Vehicles Mix (25 Pieces)

$56.50 $80.00
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Product Features:

  • 1 large bar BLUE
  • 1 large bar RED
  • 1 medium bar YELLOW
  • 1 medium bar GREEN
  • 1 ball
  • 1 Cabin Silver
  • 1 Cabin Black
  • 1 Cabin Yellow
  • 1 Lever Red
  • 4 Standard Levers
  • 2 wheels 
  • 2 Silver Hooks
  • 1 Yellow Hook
  • 1 Red Car Body
  • 1 cockpits transparent BLUE
  • 1 spindle BLACK + hook Black + magnetic top YELLOW
  • 1 Ramp Silver
  • 1 ladder SILVER
  • 1 fork BLACK
  • 1 digger BLACK

Stand-alone fun or 100% compatible with all SMARTMAX sets!

SMARTMAX - POWER VEHICLE MIX won the award of  2010 Toy of the Year

SmartMax is the magnetic discovery concept that allows children, even from a very early age, to experience both the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a safe way. The extra-large pieces make it easy for small children to manipulate them. The magnets have the ideal strength for easy assembly and breakdown of constructions. Outstanding, colourfully-illustrated guides in each set demonstrate the basics of magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures, steps in building towers and bridges, and much more. Most importantly, children thrive on the creative satisfaction of dreaming up their own wonderfully imaginative magnetic assemblies! A word about safety. In recent years, a few unsafe magnetic toys have been the subject of media and regulatory attention. SmartMax is carefully designed to meet and exceed the world’s toughest safety requirements, including giant-sized, non-swallowable 1.8” diameter metal balls and inaccessible magnets encased in specially sonic-welded bars.