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mierEdu Math Learning Game – Go Shopping

$19.00 $23.00
SKU: ME340

Go Shopping simulates real market experiences, helping young children recognise, summarise, and classify common household items whilst cultivating finical intelligence and math skills. With age-specific edutainment designed to make falling in love with math easy, this unique role-playing game will enable children to perform fun calculations as they learn to go shopping with parents and friends.



  • Progressive learning to improve math skills such as sorting and classifying
  • 4 fun games to learn some basic financial concepts



    • Brand: mierEdu
    • Item No: ME340
    • Category: Games
    • Package: 26.50 * 21 * 4.6 cm
    • Material: Paper
    • Includes: 1 Game Box | 32 Product Cards | 80 Coins | 4 Shopping Lists | 4 Price Tags | 4 Shopping Carts / Baskets | 1 Parent Guide
    • Age: 3+

    Made from quality and Eco-friendly materials and printed with vegetable inks. Conforms to high standards of safety.