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LOGICO Primo - Look & Match (NEW! Ages 5+)

SKU: 5250

LOGICO Primo - Look and Match (age 5+). New edition.
The 16 learning cards help to improve:
• perception and concentration
• visual differentiation
• distinguishing similarities and differences
• recognition of colours, shapes, and positions

    To play LOGICO you also need the Logico PRIMO Board.

    LOGICO is a European educational game for children. Learning through play is fun!

    PRIMO range works with Logico Primo Board that comes with 6 colourful, movable buttons. Slip one of these 16 cards to the slot and children can then match the answer by moving the buttons to the correct slots. Each individual title will helps to develop children's observation of shapes, colours, logical thinking and visual perception...etc differently to help getting ready for schools & aid for their learning development.