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Johnco - George the 6 in 1 Gyroscope Kit

$37.99 $49.95
SKU: FS635

George the Gyroscope is a fun, 6 in 1 gyroscope kit that will teach you the basics of how a gyroscope works. 

This fun, build-it-yourself STEM kit is environmentally-friendly - it doesn't need any batteries. By pulling the rip cord, you can power George. 

George can be assembled into 6 different styles - Scooter Rider, Stilts-Bot, Robbie Dizzie, Mech-Mushroom, Speedy Rover and Roboller Coaster. 

You'll not only have a lot of fun but also learn about gyroscopic basic physics, such as rotation, precession, nutation and inertia. 

For ages 8 years+

Dimensions (W x H x D): 9cm x 19cm x 26.5cm