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Johnco - 4 in 1 Educational Motorised Robot Kit

$35.90 $45.95
SKU: FS890

The 4 in 1 Educational Motorized Robot Kit is a fun way to teach your child about robotics with this 3-speed robotic playmate.

You can bring the 4 in 1 to life in one of its four exciting modes:

Cricket - a joy on 6 legs!
Beast - the master of bipedal movement!
Trailer - the little engine that could (thanks to its motorised transmission)!
Robot - everyone's favourite bobble-headed gear-driven walking robot.

Each mode is equipped with its own unique form of movement and, with a few easy steps, transforming between each mode is a breeze.

Age: 8yrs+

Dimensions (W x H x D): 27cm x 19cm x 9cm