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Fiesta Craft - My To Do List

$24.90 $26.95
SKU: T-2882
Family life can get hectic, which is why My To Do List is the perfect daily activity to help children become organised, learn good habits, and become more independent and responsible. Each magnetic piece is double sided, with a task on one side, and "Done" with a smiley face on the other. Choose from the 12 activities such as cleaning the table, feeding the pet, or even doing something nice for somebody! The backboard is magnetic with a ribbon for hanging and there are 4 blank magnetic pieces so you can write your own tasks. Keeping track of your chores has never been so much fun!

Also available: Magnetic Good Night Chart/ Eat Well Chart and Star Chart.
Includes: Board, Pen & 28 Pieces.
Suggested Ages: 4 years old+.
Size: 20 x 30 cm