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DK How to be a Genius? Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It

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SKU: 9780241515259

Learn hints and tips to help you fine-tune your brain, and be inspired by some of the greatest minds that have ever lived

Use your eyes, ears, and imagination to explore your amazing mind and sharpen your wits.

Want to paint like a prodigy, experiment like a scientist, or even invent the next new technology? Put your grey matter to the brain-training test and see how you measure up to some of the greatest thinkers in history. Tackle brain-boggling puzzles, games, and optical illusions and discover what makes your brain work: from why you smile to what is going on inside your head and what side of your brain does what. Learn about neurons, how memory works and how to boost your creativity.

This book makes a complex subject fun, accessible and exciting, and is perfect for any child, whether they are intent on becoming a genius or just want to have fun with clever activities at home, on a journey or in school.

Books Details:-
No. of Pages: 192 pages
Publish Date: 5 January 2022