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BUKI Fairies - Fairies Fun

SKU: BUK8012

Buki Fairies - Fairies Fun

A 16 page selection of fun times favourites.

Mazes - Help the fairies find their friends

Colour by Numbers - Colour picture using the colour chart on the top of the page.

Dot to Dot 1-100 - Join the dots in numerical sequence (1-2-3 etc)

Silhouette - Draw a line between two matching fairy silhouettes

What's The Diff ? - Find and mark the 10 differences between the two pictures. Highly recommend to mark only one picture, leaving the other for colouring.

Track Maze - On what path has the night fairy scattered the most stars? Count and circle the correct answer . Please note - you must stay on the same line even though the lines cross over each other

Product Origin: Israel

Suggested Ages: 5 and up