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British Fossils- Gift Boxed Fossils 2 Varieties (Shark Tooth or Ammonite)

SKU: 3054-1
Beautiful gift boxed for our little collectors or for your home display. 
Comes with 3 varieties, Shark tooth or Ammonites (Polished or Unpolished).
Fossil - Shark Tooth
Sharks appeared over 300 million years ago. Their skeletons are made of cartilage, which is soft and rarely fossilised. But their teeth are very durable. This specimen comes from Cretaceous period (approx. 100 million year old) rocks in Morocco.
Fossil Ammonite (Unpolished)
Geologists find ammonites very useful for dating rocks because they evolved rapidly and show great variety in their spiral shells. This ammonite is from Madagascar and is approximately 160 million years old.
Fossil Ammonite (Cut and Polished)
Ammonites thrived in the seas during the time of the dinosaurs and ranged in size from a penny to a tractor tyre. This ammonite from Madagascar has been sliced and polished to show the crystal filled chambers. It is approximately 110 million years old.
* Please note that all fossil are real genuine fossil by British Fossil company. And due to this reason, they may look slightly different from the pictures displayed here. 

Suggested Ages:  8+

Warning: Not for Children under 8 years old. Contains small parts.