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Amos Sun Deco - Good Luck (2020 NEW!)


Easiest way to create colourful Suncatchers

You can use Suncatcher as a key chain, on mobile, Christmas tree accessory etc

No patterns needed, simply colour the Suncatchers

Use your imagination to create unique colour mixing on Suncatchers.


6 x 10.5 ml Coloured Paints

6 x small sun-catchers

    Made in Korea, non-toxic.


    How to make
    1.Fill colours with “Glass Deco” in various shapes of suncatchers.
    2.Place the coloured suncatchers on even surface and let them dry.
    (approx. 8hrs)
    3.Link the suncatchers with a fishline or a chain and use them for your own purpose and fun.