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Snails Purple Comet - Baby Purple Colour - Dreampiece Educational Store

Snails Purple Comet - Baby Purple Colour

SKU: W2027P

A warm violet colour. Violet has been used to symbolise magic and mystery. Put some violet in your life when you want to use your imagination to its fullest.

 Notice: The bows & flowers on the bottles are the hallmark of Snails brand as a little something extra that can be used as a ring for the little girls 🙂

    All products are:

    • Washable
    • Safe
    • Water based
    • Parabens free
    • Recyclable bottles
    • Eco-friendly and not tested on animals
    • Easy to remove with just water and soap
    • In accordance with European cosmetic laws
    • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
    • Made in France

    Weight: 50 g