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BrainBox Science Pack Years 3 to 6 (Age 7-11) - Dreampiece Educational Store SALE

BrainBox Science Pack Years 3 to 6 (Age 7-11)

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Continuing the journey through the new science curriculum at KS2, this BrainBox Science Pack will become an invaluable resource in any classroom. The 120 colour coded cards cover every aspect of science for years 3 to 6. Children's confidence will grow, as will their focus and concentration, through regular use of these cards. BrainBox is useful for all ability levels, can be played individually or as a group and can even be played by the whole class, by placing the cards on a visualiser.

Contents: 120 BrainBox cards, 1 x 30 second sand timer, 1 x 10 second sand timer, 2 x 8-sided dice.